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Sperm analyzer BIOLA AFS-500-2 is designed for the study of spermatozoa in undiluted ejaculate. The device allows you to quickly and accurately diagnose violations of the reproductive function of men and determine the tactics of treatment. The device comes with a universal software and a built-in digital microscope.

• Total sperm concentration (TSC)
• Concentration of mobile spermatozoa (MSC)
• Concentration of functional spermatozoa (FSC)
• Sperm motility index (SMI)
• Mobility of fast (a)
• Progressive mobility (a + b)
• True mobility (faster than 4 μm / s)
• Non-progressive mobility + very slow (less than 4 μm / s)
• Calculation of spermatozoa with normal morphology
• Average sperm count
• Total number of spermatozoa
• Total number of mobile spermatozoa (TMS)
• Total number of functional spermatozoa.

The instruments are extremely reliable, easy to use and do not require any consumables. Everything you need is already included. The software also does not require any special skills from the user, and can be installed on any personal computer based on the Windows system. The analysis results are displayed on the screen and automatically recorded in the prepared research form. The built-in digital microscope allows for visual control with the definition of morphological changes. There is an opportunity to receive photos, as well as record video in real time. All files can easily be transferred to a removable media, provided to the patient or attached to a research blank.

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