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Laser aggregation analyzers

BIOLA aggregation analyzers are designed for the study of platelet aggregation, as well as for determining the concentration of cells in the suspension and evaluating their shape.

The scope of the aggregometers:

• Diagnosis of the state of platelet hemostasis;
• Diagnosis of congenital and acquired hemostasis disorders;
• Evaluation of the effectiveness of therapy and the degree of impact on aggregation;
• Screening of new drugs;
• Evaluation of the viability of platelet mass in blood transfusions;
• Toxicology;
• Evaluation of the shape and number of platelets
• Quantification of von Willebrand Factor
Aggregation is recorded both by the traditional turbidometric method, and by a method based on an estimation of the average size of aggregates in real time.

The turbidometric method proposed by Born and O'Brien is the most common method for studying aggregation. It is based on recording changes in the light transmission of platelet-enriched plasma. This allows you to explore not only the aggregation, but also the change in the shape of cells. But it should be noted that changing the form can mask the initial stage of aggregation. It was established that the formation of small aggregates (less than 100 platelets) can not affect the light transmission of the suspension [* 1]. In 1989, Gabbasov Z.A. and co-authors proposed a new method for studying platelet aggregation associated with the measurement of the average radius of aggregates-the FSP method [*2].The FSP method is based on the analysis of light transmission fluctuations caused by a random change in the number of particles in an optical channel. The relative variance of such fluctuations is proportional to the average aggregate size, and is used to study the kinetics of aggregation. The method is highly sensitive, which makes it suitable for the study of spontaneous aggregation, aggregation under the influence of low concentrations of inducers, as well as aggregation of subcellular particles and macromolecules. Further researches allowed the specialists of the LLC NPF "BIOLA" also to estimate the concentration of particles in the stirred suspension.

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