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• Easy to operate
• The color touch control panel shows convenient animated pictures, which are a guide to any action
• Stable high-precision electrodes of a new type do not need maintenance
• Automatic sampling of samples significantly reduces the risk of infection while working with samples
• Gas cylinders are no longer needed, only two types of reagent cassettes are needed to perform the entire operation: a CAL cartridge and a FLUSH solution
• Built-in battery eliminates the problem of interruptions, power disconnections and all such accidents


Product name
Analyzer of blood gases and electrolytes of 600 series
1 GASTAT-601


- Blood gases: рH, pCO2, pO2

- HCO3, TCO2, BE, O2sat, BB, SBE, SBC, AaDO2, RI, BP

- Hemoglobin, hematocrit

Analysis time 60 s. Memory for 500 measurements.

Ports RS 232, TCP / IP. Built-in help function. Dialysate. Animated instructions on the display.

Built-in battery.

The delivery set includes all consumables and accessories necessary for work.


Sample whole blood, serum, plasma, dialysate
Model 600 601 602i 603ie 604ox
Measured parameters pH 6,000–8,000 х х х х х
PCO2 10,0–200,0 mmHg х х х х х
PO2 5,0–760 mmHg х х х х х
Na+ 80,0–200,0 mmol / l х х х
K+ 1,00–20,00 mmol / l х х х
Cl– 50,00–200,0 mmol / l х х х
Ca2+ 0,5–5,0 mmol / l х х х
Glc 10,0–500,0 mg / dL х
Lac 0,4–30,0 mmol / l х
Hct 15,0–65,0 % х х х х x*
BP 500–800 mmHg х х х х x
tHb 2,0–23,0 g / dL x* x* x* x* x
sO2 0,0–100,0 % x* x* x* x* x
FO2Hb 0,0–100,0 % x
FCOHb 0,0–100,0 % x
FMetHb 0,0–100,0 % x
FHHb 0,0–100,0 % x
Calculated parameters HCO3– х х х х x
O2sat х х х х x
BE х х х х x
TCO2 х х х х x
O2CT х х х х x
BB х х х х x
SBE х х х х x
SBC х х х х x
AaDO2 х х х х x
Hb х х х х x
cCa х х x
AG х х x
a/A x x x x x
Additional functions RS-232, TC/IP interface RS-232 х х х x
help function х х х x
animated guide х х х x
dialysate measurement х х х x
UPS опция х х х x
Input data patient identification number, temperature, Hb, FiO2, BP
Sample volume — 100 μl, syringe(600, 601, 602i)
— 130 μl, syringe(603ie, 604ox)
— 45 μl, capillary(600, 601)
— 85 μl, capillary (603ie, 604ox)
Time of analysis 60 sec
Display touch color liquid crystal 7.2”
Calibration automatic, programmable 1- or 2-point
Patient database 500 Entries
Printer termoprinter
Barcode Scanner up to 14 kinds of barcode
Power supply AC 85-264 V, 50/60 Hz, 150 W
terms of Use — temperature 10–30 °С
— humidity 5–80 %
Dimensions 366x467x487 mm
Weight 15 kg
Additionally — time control of all materials on barcode
- control of the flow of working solutions
- no need for gases
- power save mode
- ease of maintenance

Optional accessories

Product name
Reagent cassettes
1 Cassette with calibration reagent for 600, 601, 602i, 604ox
(CAL cassette), pack 2 pcs.
2 Cassette with washing reagent (FLUSH Solution), pack.3 pcs.
Control materials
3 GASTROL ISE, 3 levels.

PH parameters, PCO2, PO2, Hct, Na, K, Cl, Ca2 +, Glc, Lac

12 for each, the total number is 36.

Shelf life 3 years from the date of production.

4 Set of pump tubes (3 pcs.) For 600, 601, 602i, 603ie
5 Port sample (new sample, blue)
6 Paper for printer 80mm (1 roll)
Product name
1 The pH electrode
2 The electrode Ref
3 The electrode pO2
4 The electrode pCO2
5 The electrode Na
6 The electrode K
7 The electrode Cl
8 Электрод Сa
9 Электрод Нct
10 Электрод TH

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